Google’s Android Market to Support PayPal

PayPal is basically one of the best things to have happened to e-commerce, not only does it allow everyone the ability to conduct business and trade online, but the service itself protects and supports its users. This is why the announcement that PayPal will now be an available choice for making online purchases from the Google Android Market is big news.

Apple has failed to include the service in the iTunes store –something that many Apple users have demanded for a long time (and like most of Apple’s user requests, it has been constantly ignored).

The big bonus here is that users who do not have credit cards –particularly teenagers, will now have access to paid app contents as there are other ways of signing up for PayPal. This will mean that the Android Market will be able to offer a much larger scope in terms of the market demographic –by offering a niche crowd that Apple cannot tap into.

While consumers are certainly getting a great deal from the inclusion of PayPal to the service, the same can also be said for developers. PayPal is considered to be one of the most often used mediums when it comes to online transactions –both sending and receiving, and many developers are actually quite used to getting their payments sent straight to a PayPal account.

With the iPhone’s hold on the market slowly decreasing and Google slowly surpassing the Apple device in many aspects (Google recently took second place in overall market share next to Nokia’s Symbian operating system), it is important for the Android to be able to offer even more to their consumers.

In the meanwhile, Microsoft is also about to launch their new operating system this coming October and if they too will be supporting PayPal, then that would leave Apple iOS as the only mobile platform that does not support the online payment system.

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