EISA Awards Wrap Up

The European Imaging and Sound Association’s awards for the mobile phone categories are already out and while some winners are quite predictable, they have also chosen some device that are definitely going to surprise plenty of folks.

In any case, these awards are pretty important as they are not simply accolades to be proud about, but they also mark which devices have served as progressive milestones in the advancement of mobile communication technology. The pace is pretty indicative of trends and how far we have gone. Before, EISA still awarded devices in the music phone and camera phone categories. These categories are no longer around –if not for the simple fact that the features are already commonly found in almost all mobile phones.

One interesting, yet very important award that has been given out is the green award for mobile phones. This one went to LG’s GD150 Pop. While the phone itself is less eco friendly than the Sony Ericsson Greenheart smart phones (such as the Hazel and Elm), it possessed impressive specs that would attract more users –and encourage more people to support green devices.

Samsung took the best smart phone category with none other than the Galaxy S Android smart phone. While some folks might think that this device is an Apple iPhone rip-off, the fact is that this phone is actually taking on Apple’s handset head on and Samsung’s hardware specs are certainly holding out well. The super AMOLED capacitive touch screen display certainly shows the world that Apple’s Retina technology is not all that impressive, and of course, the Galaxy S’ antenna works perfectly fine.

The big winner is Sony Ericsson with their XPERIA X10 Mini smart phone. The device is hardly anywhere near high end specs, but it is certainly one of the best overall mobile phones to be found in terms of size, form factor, features, specs and of course, OS.

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