Does the Google Android Need DRM?

One of the biggest strengths for Google is the fact that the Android OS is an open source mobile platform. This means that there are plenty of things that developers can do when it comes to creating apps for the Android OS.

Being an open source platform, many of a phone’s hardware resources and the OS’ core functions are easily accessible to developers –which provide them with a large room to play around with when it comes to creating apps.

In fact, when it comes to the Android platform, the only thing developers cannot seem to do is to have a sufficient degree of profit to match what Apple offers on the iTunes store.

Already, app developers face serious competition from over a hundred dozen free apps that offer similar features and functionality. While the paid apps may be less buggy and more polished in terms of visual effects, many users would prefer to stick with apps that are completely free.

However, it has been stated that the quality of paid apps on the Android OS is increasing at an impressive rate and the only thing preventing people from buying is the fact that many of the paid apps are getting pirated and obtaining unlicensed copies is becoming an easy task.

So yes, the definitive answer is that Google needs to provide a form of DRM that would actually be able to protect developers from losing profits due to illegal software downloads. At the same time, the Android’s DRM system has to be simple enough to not be a burden for the end user.

Right now, the big complaint is that the current DRM in use has very low security. While there is room for improvement, Google can only take these measures one step at a time. Jumping the gun could potentially lead to many users being disgruntled at the sudden implementation of stricter rules.

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