Dell’s New Android Brings Keyboard and Big Screen Together

Following the trend of new form factors, Dell has introduced yet another Android handset for this year, the Dell Thunder.

Some of you may remember that the electronics manufacturer has recently launched the Dell Streak, which is an Android smart phone with a massive AMOLED capacitive touch screen display sized at 5 inches. The Thunder has a slightly smaller display at 4.1 inches, but instead of offering a large screen, this phone packs a portrait oriented slider keyboard.

The keyboard is a big focus here since there are only a few Android devices with physical keyboards. While Dell has yet to prove that they can design ergonomically efficient keyboards for mobile phones, the initial looks are quite promising and we certainly cannot wait to try out this handset.

At this point, most of the other details regarding the Thunder are merely rumors and speculations, but one thing is for sure, Dell is certainly exciting the tech industry with its’ newfound direction and style in mobile phone design. While their earlier handsets have not been so successful, the Streak and the Thunder are certainly showing us that some companies still have what it takes to surprise smart phone fans.

As expected, this phone will be running the Android operating system. Initial leaked images of the device clearly shows a special Dell custom version of the Android 2.1 Éclair operating system though it is probable that the device will be preloaded with the 2.2 Froyo when it finally comes out at the end of year.

Speaking of which, Google has hinted at the I/O conference that the upcoming 3.0 Gingerbread might be able to make an end of 2010 release date so it is also possible that the Thunder would be equipped with the latest version of the OS when it finally comes out.

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