Apple to Use NFC Technology

We all know that Apple has acquired NFC technology earlier this year, but to hear that they are actually going to slap it into the functions of an upcoming smart phone is certainly news to the ears.

On one part, we are quite excited. Not only will Apple provide an impressive new convenience for everyone, but they are also going to be setting a new standard for other mobile phones to follow.

After all, when it comes to being able to unlock the car door with a phone or by simply waving a handset over a cash register to pay for the groceries would certainly be a great convenience. No more need to fiddle around with the wallet looking for a credit card or jangling around a keychain looking for one specific key.

This is the power of near field communications technology and while its current applications are minimal, we can expect that the use of NFC will grow in the coming years. The question is, is Apple on the right track?

The answer is a lot harder than one thinks. Despite the fact that the technology is truly convenient, it is also very dangerous as many people will be vulnerable to wireless attacks. The fact is that physical keys have a very important security feature; you need to be able to hold it in your hands. Wireless technology does not require that. And it is far easier to duplicate a wireless signal than to make an exact replica of a key just by sight.

It will be a while before Apple is able to sort out the issues and release the iPhone 5. Considering that it was only just a while back that the iPhone 4 got launch, it will be quite some time before we see NFC technology on a smart phone, and until then, all eyes will be on Apple.

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