Apple: Jailbreaking Issue Fixed, for Now

Hackers will have to work hard once again in cracking open Apple’s tough security shell. The latest Apple iOS 4 update removes the security bug with PDF files that originally allowed the previous jailbreak software to access the smart phone’s content.

According to reports, the issue with the PDF reader is that it not only allowed jailbreak software to be used on the device, but it also exposed the system to a whole range of possible attacks through this exploit. In the same sense that the jailbreak software could be used to bypass the phone’s security, so could other malicious content as well.

Of course, this is a two for one combination for Apple as they are able to provide a security update and take out jailbreaking in a single, masterful stroke.

The only question now is when the next jailbreak software will be created. Considering the expensive prices of apps in the iTunes store and how Apple’s own proprietary software tends to limit users with what they can do on Apple’s devices, there is a pretty large community of people who simply want to have their iPhones on jailbreak. For some, this is as simple as not updating to the latest version of the iOS (which is version 4.0.2), and being vigilant about what files and software they use on the iPhone.

For those who have already updated, it is the start of another long wait. While it did not take long for the development of the first jailbreak software, hackers will have to start from scratch as they seek out new ways of accessing the inner workings of the iOS 4.

In other Apple iPhone 4 news, the white version of the famous smart phone has once again been announced as delayed. Many believe that the metallic glass technology is one of the reasons why production of the device is taking too long.

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