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It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S is getting a new accessory. A quick look at our German neighbors has revealed that there is an add-on battery pack available for Samsung’s powerhouse of an Android smart phone.

The EBB-U10 is currently available on retail for 70 Euros and is packing some serious power updates for the Samsung smart phone. The new battery pack is external and from the way that the body wraps around the handset and seems to have an odd bulk on the top, many suspect that it connects to the phone through the mini USB port.

According to the tech specs, this new battery buff up will add a full 8.5 hours of talk time. That is a lot of power to enjoy your Android phone. Of course, with more power comes more bulk. This hefty little upgrade will weigh your down by an extra 70 grams and will definitely add a lot more size to the Galaxy S.

In other Android news, Mozilla has announced that the Android version of the Firefox is officially ready for downloads. Fennec Alpha, which was originally launched for the Nokia Maemo has finally been ported over to the Android OS. Mozilla had announced the new version earlier.

Lastly, the newly announced Huawei mid range Android smart phone capable of running Android 2.2 Froyo has finally been confirmed. The device will be named Ideo and will be arriving by next week on September 2. The device sports a 2.8 touch screen display, a 3.2 mega pixel camera and a 500MHz CPU.

So far, this handset is quickly proving to be a great cause mid range smart phone alternative for anyone who goes for basic handsets. If you plan on getting a contract from an operator, better stick to the high end devices.

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