Android Fun: Things to do with Google’s Platform

There are plenty of interesting apps and features that have become an integral part of many Android user’s smart phone experiences, and here are a few quick tips that some of you might want to try out.

First things first, conserve energy. The Android OS was built with many functions and among them, the ability to choose which things will be running and which ones will not. Not only will killing off unneeded apps and functions going to help conserve resources, but it will also keep battery consumption to a minimum.

Just do not forget to avoid killing off essential features such as the alarm clock or system notifications. As for other functions such as WiFi, GPS and others, feel free to shut them off as needed; in fact, it would be a great idea to have the power strip widget enabled on the home screen.

Another great thing to do is to create your own shortcuts and conserve time. Over the first few weeks of using the Android, users will realize that they would prefer to make use of certain apps and programs more than others. This is the best way to determine which functions needs a special desktop shortcut that would allow users to instantly jump into the functions they need to get.

For people who love their privacy, there are also plenty of thing to do with an Android OS and one of our recommended favorites is the custom call blocking. Simply appoint any specific contact and users will be able to order the handset to automatically redirect calls from the person to voicemail or other options. It is a built in blocking tool that is a great help against stalkers and annoying relatives.

Of course, there are always going to be new things being added to the OS –among which is the new flip to gesture motion. Just be sure to keep checking out Google’s updates to see what else the Android can do.

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