Android Froyo is Cheapest with Huawei

Right now, it is only mere speculation that the upcoming Huawei U8150 Android smart phone will actually have a low price tag, but according to the China based phone maker, that is the point of the new handset. Considering that this is one phone maker that focuses heavily on producing low cost smart phones (previous Android phones from the maker include the U220 and U230 devices), it is quite possible that the U8150 will be the cheapest Android 2.2 device yet.

As a phone maker, Huawei’s reputation is decent at best. While their devices have always been low cost, many wonder if it is at the compromise of quality –a reasonable concern for every consumer. And while it is promising, getting Android 2.2 is simply a matter of time and patience for Android fans.

Looking at the U8150 handset, one can easily see the basic signature markings of the Android OS in the buttons below the screen. Of a much larger curiosity, there is a circular pad below the buttons –which might be an optical track pad or a small directional control. In any case, it is difficult to determine the purpose of the pad at this point.

The device comes with a 2.8 inch capacitive touch screen display and a 3.2 mega pixel camera. For an Android device, that’s pretty much the all the basics you need. There is currently no information on what speed the processor will be running on, though it is expected to be operating around the region of 600MHz or better.

Currently, the device is expected to come out during the first week of September, which is just a short time away –this would make the phone very tempting for those who have been waiting for an update to the OS for quite some time.

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