Amazon Uploads Place Holders for HTC Android Handsets

HTC fans have plenty to be excited about. It has been recently confirmed that the Amazon UK website already has placeholders for two of the biggest Android devices from the Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC.

First off, the HTC Vision -or the HTC Desire Z as it is listed on the website. Many would be familiar with this handset as it was already leaked a couple of weeks back showcasing one of the first keyboard toting Android devices from HTC.

While no new images has been shown, there are plenty of existing leaks that show the world how promising this device can be. Of course, it also helps that the current speculations about the phone’s hardware point to some rather impressive specs including a CPU clocked at over 1GHz.

The currently placed price tag on Amazon for the Desire Z is 455 Pounds Sterling.

The HTC Ace or HTC Desire HD has been making plenty of waves this past couple of days –especially with that whole September event invitation that HTC is handing out. Anyway, the phone is standing out for being the HTC Vision without the keyboard –which means that it still keeps the impressive over 1GHz CPU (which is most likely to be Snapdragon technology) and of course, the large touch screen display.

So far, HTC nor Amazon has yet to confirm any details but given that the pages on the online store are still placeholders, it is best to take the information given with a pinch of salt.

Speaking of the invitation, it appears that HTC might be planning to show off more than just two smart phones when September comes rolling around. The HTC Ace and Vision is already an impressive pair, but HTC is also alluding to a “dream” which may refer to a new successor to the original G1 handset.

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