Ads and Data Mining: Apple iOS 4

Apple is sitting on top of what is considered to be a future gold mine in terms of mobile advertising: the iAds program which will be fully implemented in the near future is already selling to plenty of major companies all over the world. The fact that this system will allow advertisers to instantly reach and tap into the millions of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users is certainly more than enough reason to say that the potential is outstanding.

But what does this all entail?

What many users might not be aware of is the fact that the iOS 4 terms of agreement includes a rather unique entry that is not part of the previous Apple OS terms: Apple now has the right to gather real time information from users regarding data on location. This is obviously going to be used for location based advertisements for iAds, but that does not stop some unscrupulous individuals from creating malicious applications that would actually take advantage of the data mining that the OS already does.

The whole point of data mining is for Apple to be able to create a believable and feasible user database that would help it create demographic categories of Apple device users. The folks at Cupertino have plenty to catch up on with this department as it will have to compete with Google’s business model –which many believe is already backed by the same powerful system that AdSense also uses.

At this point, what we can all be sure of is that no consumer is excited about the new ad system, but many companies certainly are already on board with Apple’s vision. While it is argued that media owners stand to lose a bit of control, they will gain a better option for reaching more of their target market –which is a pretty good deal. 

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