A First Look at Windows Phone 7’s Xbox Live Service

Whether you are a hardcore gamer or a casual player, there is no doubt that Microsoft’s new Xbox Live Games Service on the Windows Phone 7 is going to be a very useful tool that will get people to use the handset and game more often.

The big bonus here is that players can now easily invite friends and family to existing games or schedule gaming hours in advance. It does not matter for many if they win or not, what is important is the time that one is able to spend with friends. Of course, there are some virtual awards for performing well in virtual games as the system keeps track of game achievements and other details.

Xbox Live Games works by having users create an account. Each account will have its own personal details and information, a fully customizable avatar, gamer score and of course the ability to invite contacts to games.

Naturally, anyone who already has an existing gamer score can now connect using the WP7 operating system. It is also nice that all the important features such as the achievements, friends lists, gamer score and all relevant information stays intact.

Inviting friends to games is easy, the messaging feature pops up as a nice push notification or alternatively, as a personal message from the sender’s avatar character. Users will also be able to interact with the avatars directly; the Windows Phone 7 app comes preinstalled with custom animation.

Aside from the new Xbox Live Games services, the new operating system from Microsoft is set to take on the mobile industry. First up, search is based on the Bing search engine (not quite surprising) and that the media functionality will heavily rely on Zune. Microsoft’s Silverlight engine will also be used for many of the phone’s engineers.

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