3 UK Confirms BlackBerry Torch

Mobile virtual network operator 3 UK has just confirmed that they will be offering the upcoming BlackBerry 9800 Torch smart phone when it finally comes out by (supposedly) the end of August. The device has been making a very strong impact with the initially rumored specs and the leaked images of a new large screen slider phone from Research in Motion.

RIM has always been one of the biggest pioneers in the mobile phone industry and while the company has settled to a more passive role as the main business phone maker among other manufacturers, their share in the general smart phone market is slowly dipping down. Before, smart phones were only used by business clients. No one had any inclination to carry around bulky handset just to be able to send and receive emails (though some were addicted to it, and ended up coining the term, CrackBerry –but that is a different story to be discussed for a later time).

With the advent of better batteries, smaller hardware and of course, better wireless and network services that allowed for high speed data transfers, people started becoming more and more attracted to the concept of owning smart phones. Apple managed to take the lead in the sudden demand with the introduction of the first iPhone –and the rest is history.

RIM managed to keep up with the industry thus far, but recent reports indicate the start of a slow decline in public interest for RIM’s handsets. While there are those who love to stick with the much loved keyboard handset maker, other companies are also coming out with slide out keyboard devices as well. The new 9800 Torch is going to have the new BB OS 6 firmware which is said to be more attuned to the needs of the general users –particularly with the media playback and touch controls.

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