Much Love for Maemo Causes N900 Delay

Nokia N900The N900 will not be around until the 4th of December (gasp).  Seriously, Nokia, why did you not make enough of this device? It appears that anyone clever enough to have pre-ordered the device earlier will be getting the phone today, or tomorrow, or some time before the December release date; which shows that Nokia produced enough N900 units for pre-order demands but not enough for a retail launch.

People seem to really want to get their hands on the Maemo –no surprise there, as this will be the debut of Nokia’s new OS, they also amped up the hardware for the device. For a retail price of 499 Pounds, this phone is an excellent deal just for the hardware alone.

The new N-Series phone (or rather, it’s OS) has been the subject of a controversy for quite some time now. Nokia has been a Symbian device manufacturer for awhile and the announcement that their N-Series line will fully adapt the Maemo by 2012 shows that they have made a commitment to the OS.

Rumors that Nokia would be dropping Symbian completely were spreading so badly that Nokia representative had to officially put a foot down. Their press release stated that they will continuously be supporting Symbian and will be using Symbian OS for their mobile devices. The Maemo will be used for devices that are more like “computers” –though Techradar discerns that the device is simply a smart phone (and a very good one at that). Either way, the demand for this Arm Cortex powered Maemo phone will not die down just because of a small delay –sales will hardly be affected by this; though it also does not do much for Nokia’s reputation either.

With Nokia’s X6 already having its fair share of delays (it better launch this Friday), the company needs to show a little more sense of timeliness with releases.


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