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The Ovi Advantage: Why the Nokia 2730 Classic is a Class Act

Friday, July 31st, 2009


Nokia’s latest line of mid-range to entry level handsets is set to be launched in the third quarter of 2009. Among them are the Nokia 7020, the Nokia 2720 Fold, and the highly-anticipated Nokia 2730 Classic. Dubbed as the cheapest 3G handset in the market today, the 2730 Classic is also the only non-flip phone among the three. It has a slim and sleek design that packs in a lot of style.
Equipped with a 2-Megapixel camera, the 2730 will also come with GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE, and Bluetooth support. Its 3G capability ensures that mobile internet browsing can be done at a high speed. A noteworthy addition to the 2730 Classic is Nokia’s Ovi Mail service. This application allows users to stay connected to the world via email without even needing a desktop computer. It is actually one of Nokia’s best innovations to date. 
The Need for Mobile Email
Nokia performed an extensive study on their customers and the results show that around half of their emerging market consumers would rather use their mobiles to connect to the internet instead of a desktop personal computer. As a response Nokia has developed a line of mobile applications that allows people from the rural areas to gain access to the internet even without a PC.
This has brought about the emergence of the Ovi Mail service. With a few simple steps, users will be able to create an email account on their mobile. The 2730 Classic has this program installed in it which means that users will be able to keep in touch with the world via mobile email.
The Ovi Innovation

The Ovi Mail application was designed to be as user-friendly as possible. It has a straightforward interface and an easy-to-use user menu. Even first timers shouldn’t have too much trouble setting up and accessing their email accounts. Users will be given their own email address and up to 1GB of storage space. The application comes complete with SPAM and antivirus software to make sure that they remain protected.

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The Nokia 2720 Fold: Adding New Life to the Agricultural Market

Friday, July 31st, 2009
Nokia-2720-fold-black-openNokia has joined the race of mid-range to entry level handsets with the upcoming release of the Nokia 2720 Fold. Set to be launched as a threesome come the third quarter of 2009 (together with the Nokia 7020 and the Nokia 2730 Classic), the 2720 is the cheapest among the bunch at only £50. Samsung has recently been the leader in this market segment and it seems that Nokia is willing to put up a fight.
In the new 2720 Fold, Nokia has integrated a simple yet stylish design and a number of features that make this mobile an excellent choice for our countrymen in the rural areas. With the introduction of the Nokia Life Tools application, agricultural communities will be able to improve their farming processes with the help of the 2720.
One of the best features of the Nokia Life Tools application is its ability to provide users with comprehensive and reliable information regarding agriculture. Information such as cropping cycles, weather forecasts, and agriculture tips & techniques will guarantee improved productivity. The up-to-date market prices will provide farmers with the right numbers to make sure that middlemen or wholesale buyers are not undercutting them with the price of their goods.
Education and Entertainment
In order to make the program more complete, Nokia has also decided to include useful information on the Nokia Life Tools application regarding education and entertainment. Nokia provides rural dwellers the opportunity to improve their social standing by supplying them with general knowledge through Nokia Life Tools.

There is also room for fun and personalization as the entertainment module of Nokia Life Tools allows users to download the latest wallpapers and ringtones for their mobiles. They can also keep themselves in the know through the use of news alerts or even cricket updates.

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LG Announces new Clamshell, KG376

Friday, July 31st, 2009

LG_KG376-46442-46443LG have just announced a new clam-shell phone that they are soon to release. The form factor and casing artwork suggest the KG376 is aimed at teenage girls, coming as it does with a purple colour and swirly flower pattern. The LG KG376 has an indicator light on the front that informs users of incoming calls and text messages. This is a handy feature that has been employed on many clam-shell styled phones in the past, particularly from Sony Ericsson, and it has always proved quite popular.

The feminine phone follows in the footsteps of LG’s device the Pink Arena and also Samsung’s very own Ultra S S7350 Elegant Edition which are also aimed primarily at female phone users. Although not much is known about the LG KG376’s features at present it looks to be a fairly basic mid-to-low range handset without all the bells and whistles of the latest high-end smartphones, which would fit in with the initial perception of industry analysts who speculated that this phone is aimed at teenagers primarily.

There is known to be an FM radio and as such will likely have other multimedia functions such as a media player, although what it will support remains mysterious. From the leaked pictures there does not appear to be a camera present although this has not been clarified by LG.

The LG KG376 is a very lightweight and slender phone, with dimensions of 85.9 x 45 x 19.8 mm and weighing just a mere 73g. This makes the LG KG376 ideal for carrying around in your pocket and will not weigh you down like many bulky phones today.

LG have not announced a release date yet for the KG376.

Tesco and Virgin to introduce ‘unlimited’ tariffs

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

tescoWith recent news that BT and 3G are trying to drive down mobile phone tariff costs by cutting out hidden charges, supermarket giant Tesco have made a move that should please many mobile phone users if it is to cause a network price war. Tesco who operate their own mobile phone network, have now announced an unlimited network tariff providing limitless messages and call minutes to any network as well as unlimited internet access. All of this for the small price of £30 a month.

In similar news, Virgin Media have also announced their own unlimited tariff, although it is at the much higher price of £65 per month. The Virgin Media deal also comes with some ‘fair usage’ restrictions as well, limiting you to 3000 texts and 3000 call minutes. How exactly this is unlimited is not clear but it will certainly provide more talk time and textage than most people could consume even if they tried.

In a similar manner the Tesco ‘unlimited’ tariff is also limited to £500 per month which is again more than most people would use. This works out at about 41.6 hours per month and so you would have to be glued to your phone to exceed this limit. The Tesco network is a joint venture with O2 and uses O2’s infrastructure.

While these ‘unlimited’ contracts are in fact limited, and both Tesco and Virgin Media could be criticised for corporate deception or false advertising, these are contract offers that many people would benefit from. Hopefully this move by both Tesco and Virgin Media, coupled with the actions of BT and 3G, should see the start of mobile phone costs starting to decline dramatically which surely many people will welcome.

The New Nokia E52 Smartphone

Thursday, July 30th, 2009


Following in the footsteps of other E Series models that thrived in the Smartphone market such as the Nokia E71 and the Nokia E75, comes the new Nokia E52. This device remains in the bottom end of Nokia’s highly successful E Series family and is rumoured to have a tag price of around £220 when it is released in the third quarter of 2009. Aside from an impressive battery that will last you up to 20 days, the Nokia E52 has a lot of other striking features that give it the potential to be one of the best mid-level Smartphones of the year.
Aside from being a highly functional mobile device, the Nokia E52 is also an excellent office phone. It has Mobile VPN capabilities and a new application named Call Connect. Because of these features the E52 will be easier to integrate to companies’ enterprise telephony systems. 
The E52 also has excellent email support. Installed in the device is the Nokia Messaging application that allows users to use POP, IMAP, and SMTP email accounts on the E52. This means you can simultaneously use multiple email accounts (personal and business). Aside from allowing email attachments, the E52 also has support for Nokia Messaging Service, Mail for Exchange, and Lotus Notes Traveller, among other things.

Sporting a candybar form factor, the Nokia E52 will also come equipped with Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0, and quad-band GSM capabilities with HSUPA and HSDPA connectivity. Also included in the box is a 1GB microSD memory card, but you will have the option to upgrade it to as much as 16GB. The E52’s camera is workable at 3.2 Megapixels with an LED flash, enhanced fixed focus, and can accommodate up to 2048 x 1536 pixels. As mentioned before, the standard Li-Ion 1500 mAh battery is quite impressive as it will last you up to 672 hours of standby time and up to 8 hours of talk time.

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Meet Nokia’s Ovi Revolution in the New Nokia 7020

Thursday, July 30th, 2009
Nokia-7020-pinkMuch like Nokia’s newer models such as the Nokia 2720 Fold and the Nokia 2730 Classic, the Nokia 7020 will also be sporting Nokia’s newest bundle of internet services. This marks the beginning of the Nokia Ovi revolution that is believed to have the potential to trounce Apple’s version.
Aside from having the new Ovi applications on it, the 7020 also has a sleek clamshell design that makes it very attractive. Some dub it as a fashionista phone even. However, the selling point is its ability to provide top class internet services to its users. Let’s take a look.
Sync, Share and Shop
Nokia-7020-pink-frontThe Ovi program consists of a number of internet services from Nokia. One of which is the Ovi Sync application that will allow users to organise and back up their calendars and contacts on Ovi. By syncing your 7020 to your PC, you’d easily be able to back up all your personal data on your desktop. The second application is the Ovi Share program that gives the users unlimited storage space online to upload their photos and videos. This free service will also let you share these precious memories to your closest friends and family.    

The Nokia Music Store is akin to the Apple store as it also has other applications and multimedia available for purchase. To date the Ovi store already has tie-ups with big names such as Facebook, MySpace and Electronic Arts.
Ovi Mail and Nokia Maps

Other Ovi services on the Nokia 7020 include the Nokia Maps application that will make sure you don’t get lost by downloading the most updated maps on your mobile; and the Ovi Mail program that provides users with an easy-to-use email account. Aside from being free of charge the Ovi Mail service also allows users to access their emails online without the use of a PC.

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Sony Ericsson T707 Elle: Light Effects Give the Elle a Unique Character

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
T707-Lucid-BlueSome people prefer functionality over style. Why not combine the two to produce something unique and fashionable? That’s what you get with the new Sony Ericsson T707 Elle, which will come in a wide range of colours to please mostly mainstream consumers.
From the official photos of the model, available colours would be marine blue, black and maroon. Of course, the glowing circle on top might make this phone a real looker compared to other more staid phones. Think of a less sophisticated Omnia HD and you have an Elle.
Main specifications
T707-Spring-Rose-BackThe phone supports basic Quad-band GSM, GPRS and EDGE. It also has support for HSDPA connections and can connect to the Internet for most basic services like mail and some entertainment websites. The phone has been equipped with a 3.15 CMOS sensor with LED flash.
-sony-ericsson-t707openThere’s no auto-focus for this camera phone. The screen measures 2.2 inches and has a monochrome counterpart outside the phone. The Elle is a flip phone, the first of its kind in the T-series from the Sony Ericsson.
Again, we must emphasize that the Elle looks nothing like its cousins in the T-series from Sony Ericsson. Perhaps like the LG Crystal, Sony Ericsson is trying to get into the bandwagon of highly functional accessory mobile phones.
The phone has been installed with Bluetooth capabilities and an 11-pin USB 1.0 for PC connection. Extra space can also be gotten by using an M2 memory stick. The Elle is capable of supporting up to 16 gigabytes of extra space.
User interface
The user interface is very similar to what other members of the T-series have to offer. Sony Ericsson’s user interface hasn’t changed in a while.

They’re still using large, rounded icons and you can still choose mobile phone themes that alter the colour and handling of even SMS. The Elle still has the applications tab where you can see currently active Java applications, as well.

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Business at Your Fingertips: The T-Mobile MDA Compact V

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
Before anything else, let’s get on thing straight. It is true that the T-Mobile Compact V is actually the HTC Touch Diamond2 only with a T-Mobile twist. Although some may see this fact as a drawback for the Compact V, it actually works to its advantage. In the Compact V, T-Mobile has captured all the factors that has made the Touch Diamond2 such a successful business Smartphone and improved it by adding even more features and tweaking its design. The result: a powerful Smartphone that allows users to take their work with them wherever they go.
The WinMo Advantage
tmobile-mda-compact-vThe Compact V lives up to the image of its predecessors in that it still remains to be a highly functional business Smartphone. Testament to this fact is the operating system running on the Compact V. Windows Mobile 6.1 is the most advanced mobile OS of Microsoft today and this is what’s running the Compact V’s engine. In fact, to guarantee that its users will continue to enjoy the best software technology available T-Mobile has promised a free seamless upgrade of the OS to Windows Mobile 6.5 once it is released by Microsoft in September. This is to make sure that office applications on the Compact V run at the fastest rate possible with the least occurrences of glitches.  

You’ll Never Walk Alone
Similar to the T-Mobile MDA Compact IV, the Compact V also comes equipped with an advanced GPS feature that will guarantee that you wouldn’t have any problems getting from one appointment to the next. There’s no need to worry that you’d get lost or you can even try an alternate route if you’re running late.
T-Mobile’s tie-up with CoPilot has worked wonders for their Smartphones as they all sport the company’s amazing Sat Nav system. In an exclusive T-Mobile deal, Compact V users will be able to try the tracking system for free and have an option to buy it after 7 days.

Look out for the Compact V as it is expected to hit stores sometime this May and provided that you have a higher monthly tariff, you should be getting this one absolutely free.

Spotify iPhone App?

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

apple_iphonespotifySpotify, the popular internet streaming music radio service, has designed an application specifically for the iPhone with hopes that it will revolutionise mobile phone music. Apple are still debating whether to allow the app, which has been dubbed the ‘iTunes killer’, which will allow the streaming and playback of over 6 million songs.

Spotify was launched earlier this year and has gone from strength to strength and now has nearly 2 million users in the UK alone. Spotify are able to bypass copyright concerns by generating revenue through advertising and monthly fees. Basic users will have short advertisements interspersed between their songs from time to time, but for £9.99 can be upgraded to a premium account that removes this advertising. The planned app for the iPhone would only be available for premium users and would allow the iPhone to store playlists allowing you to listen to music when not connected to the online service.

Apple are currently in the process of reviewing the app and many suspect it may be rejected due to its potential to take custom away from Apple’s own iTunes service. Apple have already been refusing Google apps left, right and centre as they do not want one of their main competitors cashing in on the iPhone craze. Google, developers of the Android OS that looks set to make its place as the mobile OS of choice, have been turned down for their Google Voice and Google Latitudes apps that did not meet Apple’s vague and ambiguous terms and conditions.

Spotify is already available on the PC and Mac and in the short time it has been active has already won over 2 million regular users, but industry analysts are sceptical about whether their app will be approved by Apple. Due to the serious threat it poses to one of Apple’s most prized products and Apple’s history of rejecting apps from companies that compete with their own services it is likely that the revolutionary Swedish radio service will be denied the right to distribute to the Apple App Store. The decision is likely to be announced in the coming weeks.

Early August Release for BlackBerry Curve 8520

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone_360Research in Motion (RIM), manufacturers of the popular and stylish BlackBerry phones, have announced that their new Curve 8520 will be released in the UK in early August. The Curve 8520 follows on from the Curve 8320 that was released two years ago but does not really offer much in the way of improvement. The Curve 8520 is intended to be an entry-level BlackBerry device that RIM hope will bring the BlackBerry experience to more people by being more affordable.

The Curve 8520 does not have a fantastic screen especially when compared to some of the gargantuan touch screen devices around, with just a 2.64” landscape 65k colour TFT display. This is adequate for all you would need a BlackBerry for, as RIM essentially focus their devices on the messaging market, but is not quite as crystal clear and high resolution as some RIM press release photos would lead you to believe. The camera is a bit of a let-down as well with just 2 megapixels and no flash and seems more like an afterthought rather than a genuine feature.

Good news for Apple fans, the Curve 8520 is the first BlackBerry device to offer Mac support and syncs with Apple iTunes right out of the box. There is also access to BlackBerry’s App World that allows you to download many great third party applications to augment your BlackBerry experience. Facebook and MySpace apps are included with the phone as standard, so straight away you can be using these popular social networking sites from your phone. As an entry level phone however, RIM have not included 3G support and have reduced the EDGE speed of the Curve 8520. Although the Curve supports WiFi it means the device is not quite as easily connectable when you are out and about, which is a shame.

RIM have done what they have set out to do, which is to strip away some of the more expensive features and specifications to produce a more affordable BlackBerry handset and if this is what you are after the Curve 8520 may be a phone to consider. However this is not the best BlackBerry phone by a long shot.