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nokia 6720 classic packed full of features

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Nokia-6720-ClassicNokia 6720 Classic is a superb model with classic design. Its edges are curved in shape to provide a comfortable feel to Nokia users. It has 2.2 inch screen with 16.7 million colours. The screen of this mobile phone is slightly smaller than Nokia 6710 Navigator. This production of Nokia is packed with more advanced features. This mobile phone supports global roaming because this is a Quad-band phone. Its date of launch is announced as 16 feb 2009. Distributors can try for Nokia 6720 Classic contracts to enjoy the opportunity of working with Nokia. These are pay as you go phones.

Nokia 6720 Classic offers its users talk time of 8.5 hours and stand-by time of 500 hours. With this mobile phone, users can play nine hours of video and twenty seven hours of music. Nokia 6720 Classic comes with the camera of 5 mp. CMOS sensor, Tessar Lens, Car Zeiss optics, 4x digital zoom, auto-focus and DUAL LED Flash are the important features of camera in this phone. These features help a mobile user to capture a picture with fantastic quality. Different scene modes enable a mobile user to capture the best possible image in any kind of environment. The different scene modes are automatic, portait, night, landscape and close-up etc. Face-to-face calling with mobile can also be enjoyed by the users but only with the handsets of same capabilities.

Surfing Internet via Nokia 6720 Classic is very easy. This handset has also built-in HTTP, HTML, XHTML, WAP and WML web browsing technologies. Web browser of Nokia also has support for javascript version 1.3 and 1.5. While listening music, the dedicated volume key helps to control the sound level. Nokia Music Manager and Nokia Music Store makes downloading easier. Nokia 6720 classic is also supported with Java MIDP 2.0 for games. You can try the games and if you like you can also purchase those games. Mobile users will also be waiting for Nokia 6720 Classic on T-Mobile.

It is an all-rounder mobile handset produced by Nokia and users can read about Nokia 6720 Classic reviews from websites. This model is not too complicated and one can easily understand its features and learn its operations.

nokia e75 oh yeah

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

NokiaNokia-E75-style is a well known name among the mobile lovers. It took years for Nokia to earn such reputation in the mobile world. Nokia E75 is one more newest smartphone produced by Nokia. So Nokia E75 contract phone will be a good deal. This phone is designed for business users. Style of this phone is like candy. Nokia E75 has also maintained the quality of Nokia E series.

Nokia E75 weighs 139 gms and easily fits in anyone’s hand. This mobile phone has TFT QVGA 2.4 inch screen with 16 million colors, is sufficient enough for any job. When the phone is opened It shifts to the landscape mode. This mobile phone has a large alphanumeric QWERTY keypad which can be slided out. In the keypad, keys have enough spaces in between them so that means probability of hitting the multiple keys in one stroke is minimized and this is a good news for people with large fingers. Nokia E75 on T-Mobile will attract more users. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera. Autofocus, Digital zoom and LED Flash are the features of this mobile phone.

Nokia E75 also gives the importance to connectivity. Nokia E75 provides variety to achieve network connectivity. In Nokia E75, you will also have choice to connect your phone with other gadgets. It provides integration of wireless networks like data, communication, entertainment and sharing. Nokia E75 also has a port for a micro USB to transfer files and establishing PC connectivity. To provide circuit switching technology of high speeds, this mobile phone is supported with EDGE and Class 32 GPRS. To provide high speed internet connectivity, this mobile phone is supported with HSDPA, Wi-Fi 802.11 and compatible with UpnP technology. Bluetooth 2.0 is also present in this phone. Features like media player, fm radio and GPS make this phone more exciting. For more features, Nokia E75 review can be read from websites.

This phone will offer the quality that is expected from a Nokia phone and it will be able to satisfy loyal users of Nokia. Nokia E75 contract mobile phoneswill be liked by everyone.

htc touch pro2 new and improved touch pro

Monday, March 30th, 2009

HTC-Touch-Pro-2-FrontHTC Touch Pro2 is an improvement in the design HTC Touch Diamond. HTC Touch Pro combines the strong points of Diamond phone with new improvements to produce a new business focused phone. HTC Touch Pro 2 contracts provides beautiful phones that may be thicker than diamond phones and may also weight slightly more. Extra size and weight, both are because of extra features added and these extra features make these phones unique in HTC series. Though its size and weight are slightly increased but still it can fit in any users pocket without giving them a feel that they are carrying a mobile phone. It is slightly faster and a more stable phone.

HTC-Touch-Pro-2-BackThe thickness of this mobile phone is because of full QWERTY keyboard present underneath and can slide out. This keyboard is similar the keyboard any computer with decent sized keys. Shortcuts to certain tasks automatically appear on the screen when keyboard slides out and thus provides quick access to few tasks. Thus with this keyboard users enjoy the use of both the computer keyboard and the normal keyboard. This feature is very beneficial for those users who needs to send emails, edit their documents etc using their mobile. You can also read HTC Touch Pro 2 reviews to view the user opinions. The small keyboard of this handset will not be useful for these customers.

TV-out function is another important feature of these phones. This feature has made easy to present PowerPoint shows before the audience with the help of an output device like television or a projector. In simple words HTC Touch Pro 2 is made to offer all those which features which any user would require and no user of HTC Touch Pro 2 can feel jealous of other mobile phones. HTC Touch Pro 2 on Virgin will also be introduced soon. I am very impressed with the beautiful look and advanced features of this phone and so I and my friends are excited to get this phone.

lg gd900 crystal transparent phone 2

Monday, March 30th, 2009

LG-GD900-crystal-front-and-backLG GD900 crystal is a great looking production of LG in mobile world. It is the most stylish and unique looking mobile phone. Its uniqueness will be seen when this phone is opened and after opening this will attract anyone. What makes this mobile phone so unique? After opening this phone, its transparent keypad will be illuminated by the light. It has a transparent keypad and this is the unique feature of this mobile phone. This mobile phone is the world’s first mobile to have transparent keypad. LG GD900 Crystal contract will be a beneficial deal for distributors.

This mobile phone will start a new trend among mobile manufacturers to manufacture mobiles with a transparent keypad. The stylish form factor of this mobile phone will also contribute to stylish nature. According to the mobile manufacturers, transparent keypad is not just fashion accessory but it incorporates a Bluetooth headset with advance and technical features. LG GD900 Crystal is a slim handset and only 13.4 mm in thickness. You should keep it safely because it is a very light phone. LG GD900 Crystal on T-Mobile is also awaited by the users.

The body of this mobile is of polished steel and this gives it more stylish look and expensive feel. It is a slider mobile phone in which the keyboard slides out from below the screen. The keyboard is transparent and lights up with the blue glow when it is touched. The buttons in the keypad are touch sensitive which reacts quickly to a slightest touch. This mobile phone has an FM radio and a music player. Music player of this phone is compatible with all the popular music formats. LG can also offer sim free mobile phones to promote sales.

According to specifications, this mobile phone does not have camera and this will be a disappointment to all those mobile users who want to have 5 mp camera or more in their phones. Calendar, Alarm, Calculator, Notes etc is the additional features offered in this phone. LG GD900 Crystal reviews about the features offered by this phone can be read from websites. Leaving out the camera feature, this phone with 8 mp camera then it will be the world’s best mobile phone.

htcs brand new touch pro 2

Saturday, March 28th, 2009
HTC-Touch-Pro-2With HTC Touch Pro, you can enjoy your desired music, movies, videos, MP4 music, and stream anything else via the Internet like you never thought if it would be possible from a handset. You’ll be offered with Opera 9.5 web browser when purchasing HTC Touch Pro Mobile Phone so you’ll no doubt access the best internet experience when necessary. Navigating around your mobile phone is also an easier task with an immense 3.8 inch touch screen display, featuring 65K-color.
The 3.5G technology allows you to experience a high speed internet download. If you’re using the correct networks, the internet connection of your mobile phone allows you to download with a speed of 7.2 Mb per second. If you prefer downloading documents of .txt format via your HTC Touch Pro, you can use the Microsoft Office document editor and edit the .txt files according to your requirements.
HTC-Touch-Pro-2The HTC Touch Pro arrives with a camera of 3.15 Mega-pixels. One can capture some of the most memorable moments of his/her life in a true color and clearer images with the HTC Touch Pro.
Some of the major features of the HTC Touch Pro are that it features a slide-out keyboard, making it further easy to operate. Additionally, it features a Wi-Fi connection, a built-in radio, and expandable memory slot (microSD memory computer. Moreover, this outstanding handset also features an extremely cool YouTube client. There is also availability of expandable card in order to provide you with additional disk space so that you could store a huge amount of data on your HTC Touch Pro when required. Furthermore, the HTC Touch Pro also features a Bluetooth v2.0 and a Standard mini-USB interface, making it easier to communicate with a computer.
Lastly, I should admit that the outstanding screen resolution of 3.8"(400×800), 3.15 Mega-Pixels camera and features of Windows Mobile undeniably makes the HD Touch Pro an extremely attractive hi-tech gadget.
Furthermore, you can now purchase HTC Touch Pro 2 on Vodafone. Vodafone offers HTC Touch Pro 2 on contract so you can pay for your mobile phone on monthly installment basis. In fact, Vodafone also offers HTC Touch Pro 2 with free gifts, including sim free mobile phones.

lgs gd900 features transparent keypad

Saturday, March 28th, 2009
LG-GD900-CrystalThe world’s first transparent handset is now on its way. LG has recently added the first ever transparent design mobile phone on its gallery. LG GD900 Crystal is a world’s very first transparent design mobile phone that LG finally unveiled at World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain.
The main attraction factor of LG GD900 Crystal is no doubt its transparent design that makes it really awesome and cool device. However, besides its outstandingly superb design, the features that this handset offers are also believed to be of “A” grade.
LG-GD900-Crystal-eyeLG GD900 Crystal features 5 Mega-pixels camera with auto focus, flash light, and face detection features, so you don’t have to miss to capture your memorable moments on your mobile phone after owning LG GD900 Crystal.
LG GD900 Crystal reviews says that the audio experience this smart phone offers is also of supreme quality and as the memory card is expandable you don’t have to compromise on your favorite musical numbers. Additionally, there is also a FM tuner integrated, letting you to listen to your favorite radio shows according to your wish. 
Moreover, Internet surfing experience is also superb with LG GD900 Crystal. I don’t think if it’s necessary to mention that this smart phone features Bluetooth too, making it easier for you to get connected with other devices. In fact, LG GD900 Crystal arrives with Bluetooth headset as well, that is especially designed for this smart phone.
For your information, LG GD900 Crystal phones are now being offered on Vodafone too, thus, you can now buy LG GD900 Crystal on Vodafone as well. If you purchase this mobile phone remaining under Vodafone’s LG GD900 Crystal contracts, you can also get the pay as you go phone contracts. Therefore, you can own LG GD900 Crystal even by making monthly installments for certain duration.

samsung s8300 tocco ultra edition is officially released

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Samsung-S8300-Tocco-UltraWith the official announcement of Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra Edition, mobile phone users around the world are highly thrilled. I believe that it is the touch screen technology that makes this mobile a wonder among these mobile phone lovers.

The 2.8 inch touch screen display could be considered the main attraction of this mobile combining the two legends like Tocco and Samsung soul. It has an accelerometer that can rotate automatically between portrait and landscape modes. It has a standby sensor which can switch the screen to off mode in a way to save the battery backup of the mobile phone.

What I loved most about Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra Edition on Virgin is the 8 megapixel camera. It can capture all those favorite pictures and has everything including face and smile detection. These contract mobile phones available at various Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra Edition deals also have a HSPDA connectivity that allows 7.2 Mbps for fast browsing. The best deals in the market show that the product is available at lowest prices.

In my Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra Edition review, I can’t keep myself from mentioning about the Bluetooth, Mp3 player and GPS receiver available with this mobile phone. It makes this a very special mobile phone without which you will always love to possess. You will be able to keep in touch with all worldly events and at the same time, it will keep you complimented with what you are. You will always enjoy being in the loop and you will be able to accelerate and showcase your style with this wonderful mobile, wherever you move. The first sight could be more amazing that you won’t stop staring at it. The main factor from them this time is the low price at which they are launching this product.

nokia n86 8mp exceeding expectations

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Nokia-N86-8MP-HorizontalWhen I read about the Nokia N86 8MP in various Nokia N86 8MP reviews, I hardly knew whether this was the right kind of mobile I was looking for.

Nokia didn’t disappoint me and this proved to be a real N series device. It has everything in its perfect form including the 8 megapixel camera, media sharing facilities and a wonderful design. The pay as you go phonesobtained from various dealers will never meet your expectations as a Nokia N86 8MP on Virgin do. You will always love photography once you start taking pictures with the advanced camera provided along with this mobile phone.

Nokia-N86-8MP-IndigoAttractive design with a sliding form makes the sophisticated design much more elegant. This could be the main reason why I wanted for Nokia N86 8MP contract. I always love to keep in touch with my beloved ones and I am sure this will be of real use for keeping my contacts. You can share your ideas with anyone from any location or can simply use the chat facility. Always plan your trip using the maps provided with this Nokia phone and get your directions through the navigational facility and compass. This is considered to be the greatest release from Nokia for 2009.

The design of the mobile phone is improved and comes in accordance to the very reliable Nokia approach which doesn’t bother too much around delicate but is an infusion of style and sturdiness. This unique approach isn’t forgotten this time around and you’ll know the phone as soon as you see it. Here’s one gadget that’s going to provide a pleasant feel along with an ultra modern phone surface. The camera certainly seems to be the most awaited feature but being a Nokia, there’s bound to be more brilliant surprises in store.

nokia e75 the real smartphone

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Nokia-E75-Black-HorizontalI think Nokia E75 is rated as one of the best products coming from Nokia Eseries. This is a dual mode Smartphone especially meant for business purposes. These Nokia E75 on contract effectively support WCDMA, EGSM and WLAN. You will have to pay some tax and subsidies, but that won’t count high. The speakerphone can be installed anywhere with three fixings and hence you will find this useful in car and office. A high quality camera and GPS capability makes the mobile phone a real asset. The best mobile phone deals will ship the product to your shipping address, once you place online orders for the product for this fancy gadget that’s user friendly.

Nokia-E75-CopperI personally consider the feature like slider QWERTY keyboard as the special attraction of Nokia E75. This will bring you an optimal and unique email experience as different from other mobile phones. The 2.4” QVGA display brings you a completely different experience through enjoying music and graphics. Once you get a Nokia E75 on Virgin through pay as you go phones dealers, you can make each journey a pleasant and joyful experience with the help of the integrated A GPS and maps coming with the mobile phone. Get an E75 from a Nokia E75 on contract and enjoy photography using the 3.2 megapixel camera. USB charging along with data transfer and Bluetooth facilities are the other major attractions of the mobile phone. This has the ability to boast about a high quality hands free that aids great sound quality.

You can choose a wide number of free gifts when you get Nokia E75 free gifts from trusted dealers. You will have the freedom to select the free gift from the greatest collection provided in the dealer shops. You can decide your gift based on what you want the most.

Nokia E55: the newest Eseries mobile phone

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Nokia-E55The Nokia E55 contract phone is the slimmest as well as the most compact messaging device of Nokia. It weighs 98 grams and is only 9.9 m thick. The E55 brings in a lot of features of a much bigger phone. One of the major differences between E55 and the other E-Series phones is the QWERTY keyboard. Nokia has not only brought down the size of the phone, it has also prolonged the battery life of the phone. It is equipped with 1500 mAh cell that provides 6 hours of talk time on 3G as well as 8 hours on GSM. The standby time of the phone is 28 days on GSM and 19 days on GB.

I have read a number of Nokia E55 reviews and all have praised the features of the phone. The small size notwithstanding, the mobile packs in 3.5G support (HSDPA and HSUPA), WiFi, A-GPS, a 2.4" QVGA display, multimedia player, an FM radio, a 3.5mm audio socket, microSD expandable memory and stereo Bluetooth.

At the back of the phone is a 3.2 mega pixel camera that has VGA-resolution video capture and flash. This is available in most of the E-series mobiles. This being a Symbian S60 carries a number of applications like providing support for email accounts, editing office accounts, data encryption and VPN support. The software can be expanded from the Ovi Store of Nokia or from other developers. Customers will be given the Nokia E55 on Orange.

The phone has a 2 GB microSD card that can be expanded upto 16GB. The phone is expected to be in the market in the second quarter of 2009 and will be available in black and aluminum colors. The download speed on HSDPA is 10.2 Mbps and upload speed of 2 Mbps can be got through HSUPA. With many attractive mobile phone deals to go after the phone is released in the market, we can sure get some great bargains.