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Blackberry Bold: The Personal Business Phone!

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

The Blackberry company has been around for a long time and it knows what the public at large needs and so for the general masses it has designed a phone that can give a double punch, offer the personal touch of a personal phone and offer the sophistication of a business phone and the name given to this phone is The Blackberry Bold. Bold has been given the name because it can hold its head high and show off its bold features. Blackberry 9000 Bold review will tell you how many and what great features have been fitted in to the phone. A 2 mega pixel camera that also can record videos and a music player that plays all the format, a large screen for the perfect viewing experience and also a design that fits the hand perfectly, all these give it the personal touch. And the other set like the QWERTY keyboard, Wi-fi ability, fast processor, document viewer and a whole list of other business applications for the business mode. What more can I ask for!

But the company was not happy to give the consumers just the phone and so they decided to give Blackberry Bold contract for the buyers to completely shut the door to all other phones. In addition to these a sea of other mobile phone deals are also being given by the various dealers of the Blackberry Bold, and so as they say that the consumer is the king and this can be seen practically in case of the Blackberry Bold and all the deals and contract on offer.

And guess what – your good luck does not end there! Blackberry 9000 Bold free gifts make your day. The free gifts are cash back, play stations, laptops and many many others. So practically you can buy the phone for the great deals and the free gifts and then slowly you will realize that these are not the icing on the cake , but the phone itself is both the cake and the icing!

Nokia N96: The Sexy Slide Phone!

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

The Nokia N96 is a step up from the award winning N95. The N96 is quite stunning to look at and sure to turn a lot of heads. The N96 is probably one of the best looking phone in the entire N series of Nokia. So you can just imagine how the phone must have been designed. The phone has a black body in the 103 x 55 x 18 mm frame and it is all style in the 125 gms weight. You can clearly identify the phone from a host of phones is it has the best looks and the slide just takes it one step further. The slide has been made to keep the keyboard protected and also make enough space for the 2.8 inch screen for that perfect viewing experience. Thinking that all this is just an exaggeration, then wait till you read the Nokia N96 reviews and then you will realize that all the above is the truth and nothing but the truth. Nokia N96 contract also make the buyers’ head dizzy. The contracts on offer are for the minutes to be used in the month or the money to be paid for the time period. So pick the contract that will make your pocket remain full even when you are using the full features of the phones.

Once you have a Nokia N96, then you will want to roam the full world and show the same to the entire world. So you will need Nokia N96 Orange connection and make the world shrink. This has made a revolution and you can remain always connected. But to make you even better connected the N96 has been designed as pay as you go phones, so that you can keep the costs under wraps and enjoy the uninterrupted services being offered. The N96 has been given all you need to make your life beautiful and comfortable.

LG Prada 2: A Class Apart!

Friday, January 30th, 2009

LG KF900, more commonly called LG Prada 2, is a step closer to the perfect phone from its predecessor LG Prada or LG KE 850. The phone is designed to be very stylish and modern. It has been given a sliding keyboard, a 5 MP camera, a music player, a Micro SD slot for memory, Wi-fi ability for the hi speed internet connection and much much more! The features on the phone are so many that it makes the phone manual quite a voluminous book. Even LG KF900 Prada 2 video reviews are not able to capture all the features, so you can just imagine what you are buying into. To top it all the company has LG KF900 Prada 2 contract on offer. This makes the phone a complete must have and there are no reasons as to why not!

The phone has a cool 3 inch screen, bigger than most phones for the clear and crisp picture and view. At 130 gms, the phone is slightly on the heavier side, but no one’s complaining because its features outweigh this weight. The 104 x 54 x 16.8 mm frame is all that carries the phone and this frame is made tough to withstand any jerks and sudden falls. The phone is 3G equipped and offers hi speed internet connection and a great web browser for that perfect surfing experience.

This phone comes in the category of sim free mobile phones, so you can carry it instead of the laptop and use the services of the carrier in that particular region without any loss of data and having to undergo the long process of changing of carriers.

If this was not enough, the company has LG Prada 2 free gifts on offer, thus you cannot get anything better that what is being offered. This phone definitely stands out from the peer group and has already started to march ahead in terms of sale number.

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music: Let the Music play!

Friday, January 30th, 2009

January 2009 has seen many new things and one of them is the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. This phone has come to hit the iPhone market hard and Nokia will be able to grab a huge market share because this phone is a standout phone all equipped with the best and hi tech features. The applications on the phone are out of the world and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic review will give you a better look into the handset and its features. This phone is 3G enabled and perfect for internet, thus you can download all the music you want. This phone is primarily meant for listening to music and is fitted with an apt music player, which can play practically all formats of music like the Wav, MP3, MP4 etc. Also a 3.5 mm headphone jack means that you can say the outside noise goodbye and enjoy the music in your own world. This is aptly supported by the touch screen, as it allows you to easily look through the music list and choose what you want to listen.

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic contracts make you feel that this is the only phone on the market and all the other phones stop to exist. The contracts that are offered are both on the usage front and also on the monthly rental basis, so it is up to us to decide as per our convenience. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic with free gifts are on offer just because the company feels that the customer must be made the King!

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music is also one of thesim free mobile phones. This added feature makes the phone a must have for the traveling executives who have to move from one place to another and also have to jump carriers. This phone has a nice and a universal appeal and you cannot go wrong with a Nokia 5800 Xpress Music in your hand.

Nokia 7610 Supernova: The Colors just keep coming!

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Nokia is a company that believes that black is the best color and maximum of its phones come in the color black, but just to show the world that what matters is the inside and the outside is just a reflection, it has come up with the Nokia 7610 Supernova, which is being offered on colors such as Muted Gray, Red, Pristine White, Steel, Lilac and Blue. Yes the Supernova has broken the black barrier without compromising on any of the amazing features that one associates with a Nokia phone and you can view all these colors and more in the Nokia 7610 Supernova video reviews.

The Nokia 7610 Supernova is a thin phone because of the 98 x 48 x 15 mm frame and 99 gms weight, but is not found short on the features and user friendly looks. The phone has a 3.2 mega pixel camera for that perfect picture and has been aptly fitted with a dual LED flash. The camera can also capture and record MPEG video files, which can later be viewed on the 2 inch TFT, 16 million colors, 240 x 320 pixel screen. Nokia 7610 Supernova on contract is something that the buyers are loving about that phone because they are in control and the company also has done research on its part to offer the best contracts so that the buyers are never looking for alternatives. These are based on the minutes to be used or the monthly commitments made.

The Nokia 7610 Supernova has a global appeal and just to strengthen its position Nokia 7610 Supernova on TMobile has been doing rounds. Consumers and mobile lovers are having a gala time as they get the best deals and also the best phones. Today, people want phones that are pay as you go phones and all your worries have been put to sea because Nokia 7610 Supernova is one such phone and you cannot go wrong with a Supernova.

Sony Ericsson W705: Mobile Music!

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Sony walkmans are world famous and so are the mobile phones coming out the manufacturing lines of Sony Ericsson. But if both of them are mixed then what comes out is a bombastic combination and that can be seen in the revolutionary mobile phone – the Sony Ericsson W705. This phone has the best walkman features due to the Walkman Player 3.0 base that has been given. The looks of the phone are also one of its kind and sure to make the user feel slightly better. The exterior has been designed to catch the viewer’s attention and there are two colors on offer – Luxury Silver and Passionate Red. At 98 gms the phone is both sophisticated and aptly weighed. More about the phone is to be found in the Sony Ericsson W705 review that is given as a first hand experience to the user before he can take the final plunge.

The company has been the consumers favorite for a long time because the company understands them and so Sony Ericsson W705 contract are framed accordingly. People basically want the contract to be either based on the minutes to be used in a specific time say a month or a monthly rental for say six months and the contract have been framed keeping all these in mind. So you will get what you want from the company and you will be called the proud owner of a Sony Ericsson W705.

But you would definitely want more! Right, worry not the Sony Ericsson W705 with free gifts will take care of that problem. Loads of free gifts are on offer and the range of free gifts are simply amazing – ipods, laptops, golf kits, beauty products, health products to name a few. There is no chance that any one can complain.

The only problem is that the business class would not like the lack of business features in W705 but they will also appreciate the fact that it is one of sim free mobile phones so that a lot of hassles are cut.

Blackberry Curve 8330: Remain connected on the go!

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

The Blackberry Curve 8330 at 102 x 62 x 16 mm and weighing 114 gms is one of the best phones available right now. As it comes from the Blackberry family you can be rest assured of its reliability and the function ability. This phone can be connected to high speed internet and then you are done. Just use the QWERTY keyboard to its fullest and finish all the office work from home to office or office to home and then you can spend the home time with family and not have to work those extra hours at home. Thus we can with authority say that your family would love this phone as it will free you your time, which you will invest in your family.

This may sound very superfluous and you would be in no mood to believe it, but after reading Blackberry Curve 8330 reviews your perception will change and you will agree to the above mentioned facts.

Also, the phone as a 2 MP camera, using which you can also record videos and can save the same as the phone comes with a 64 MB internal memory and a Micro SD card slot is also given so that you never ever have a space crunch.

Blackberry Curve 8330 contracts make this phone more viable and you can easily opt for one irrespective of the carrier. Blackberry has made it a point to work with all the carriers and Blackberry Curve 8330 Vodafone is one such example of great craftsmanship. Blackberry Curve 8330 has been designed keeping the traveling executive in mind and so it needed to allow the user a choice of payment from all over the world and so you get the facility of pay as you go phones even in Blackberry Curve 8330, thus giving you no reason to overlook the phone and move ahead. So carry on and purchase one before you miss out!

HTC P3470: The New Kid!

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Released in the March of 2008, this mobile phone has all the features to look forward to. This phone has been make user friendly and the characteristics of the phone are such that the user will love the phone and would never want to change to any other model. HTC P3470 is one phone you would want at any cost, but to help the buyer the company offers HTC P3470 contracts wherein it allows you to choose a plan as per your repayment capability and also as per your earning capacity. This added facility helps the consumer to buy the phone without giving it a second thought. The HTC P3470 contracts are made available to almost all the buyers and so the public at large are benefited greatly. But the benefits do not stop there the company along with the contract offers HTC P3470 free gifts like other electronic gadgets and sometimes even laptops are given as free gifts. This extension of goodwill makes the HTC P3470 a buyer’s delight.

So should read the HTC P3470 reviews to get a proper insight into the phone. This phone comes in silver color and has a 2.8 inch display with TFT touchscreen and has 65k colors in the 240 x 320 pixel screen. It also has a huge number of telephone entries to carry the names and numbers of the near and dear ones and be never away from the business clients. You can also SMS, MMS, email and instant message from this phone and you will not miss the computer and a 2 MP camera will mean that you have a record of all the important functions of life to cherish once you grow old.

Also you can opt for pay as you go phones and HTC P3470 fits the bill perfectly. You can buy this phone and use it as much as you want and it will also not be a financial burden on you.

Nokia N97: What a view!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

The to be launched Nokia N97, is a great design and will be one of the best sellers of all times and the future generation of mobile phones will look on Nokia N97 with a disbelief as to what can be improved on the N97. This phone is sure to bamboozle all other phones and create a market for itself without much marketing from Nokia, because Nokia knows that if the product is good, then the customer will come looking for it and the company can reduce on the advertising costs. Nokia N97 is one of those phones, completely hi tech and amazing looking, sure to win the hearts of the people who love their phones. For the Nokia loyals, N97 comes as a great package complete with the Nokia N97 free gifts. The free gifts on offer are an extension of Nokia’s warmth and care for the people who choose Nokia over other brands. The company has already planned the Nokia N97 contracts so that the consumers are given maximum leverage. Now lets see what makes the N97, N97!

Just look at the already available Nokia N97 video review and you will be flattened by the amazing and powerful features of the N97. A 5 mega pixel camera, with Carl Zeiss Lens and video capture capability, who needs a digital camera now! A TFT touch screen filled with 16 million colors over 3.5 inches and having 360 x 640 pixels, you will keep on watching the videos and movies till the battery lasts and with a Li-Ion 1500 mAh (BL – 4L) battery, you can watch many many movies at one go. The phone has 430 hours of stand by and a cool 6 hours and 40 minutes of talk time up its belt. All this and we have not even talked about a quarter of the features in the phone. Just imagine!

Just be on the look out for the contract mobile phones on Nokia N97, as and when it comes and be one of the lucky ones to use the Nokia N97 in the first round itself.

Sony Ericsson C905: Offers the best Camera!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Sony Ericsson C905 is the latest craze among the people who want to use the mobile phone more as a camera, which they can also use as a mobile. With a 8.1 mega pixel camera, this phone fits the bill perfectly. This phone also has a Xenon flash and Smart Contrast feature and a Smart Focus to enhance the clicking experience and do the editing part then and there. These features make a great combination and give the digital cameras in the market a run for their money. Sony Ericsson C905 is a solidly built phone having many varied features and all the great features can be viewed at Sony Ericsson C905 video review and this will give you a comprehensive look of the phone. You cannot go wrong after you have seen the video review because these reviews are taken from the real users and so you get the first hand experience talking.

Sony Ericsson C905 contract is given to attract those customers who would have normally shied away for the want of finance or the less usage and so these contracts help as a selling tool and it is a very good tool that the companies are encashing to their heart’s extent.

Sony Ericsson C905 O2 means that the UK carrier O2 is made available for Sony Ericsson C905 and so you can buy the phone even if you are a O2 user. The phone has another distinct advantage that it is also offered as a pay as you go phones. So you need not worry if you have a limited budget to spend every month, you can fix up the budget and use the phone accordingly. This feature makes the phone a hit among the school and college going students and the elderly and the housewives who all have strict budgets to maintain. So reach out for a Sony Ericsson C905 and then feel the difference for yourself.